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Real Estate

Having helped clients through real estate cycles, Tighe, Kress & Orr, P.C. provides timely, responsive and goal-specific audit, tax and business advisory services to clients with real property and affiliated interests in the United States and overseas. We advise clients in connection with their residential and commercial real property interests, as well as clients in construction, manufacturing and other affiliated industries. Tighe, Kress & Orr, P.C.’s full-service, single-stop capabilities address our clients’ demands for practicality, value, strategic vision and convenience. We work effectively as business team members who add insight and minimize risk exposure in real estate deals and transactions, restricting of debt, development projects and business operations.

Working from the ground up, Tighe, Kress & Orr, P.C. may begin an engagement with a real estate client by helping form the necessary business entities and establish appropriate tax structures. Managers work seamlessly and strategically with our clients, their internal staff and external professional advisors. Volatility and challenging real estate environments are areas in which Tighe, Kress & Orr, P.C.’s tax planning and business advisory expertise delivers significant value. Managers advise on a full range of issues – from identifying cost-cutting strategies and appropriate tax-credit opportunities to conducting deal due diligence, managing risk and uncovering growth channels by leveraging a client’s existing resources. Clients may also gain entry into our professional real estate network, which includes productive relationships with banking and financial institutions.

Our services for the Real Estate industry include:

  • Compilations and Reviews
  • Cash Flow Analysis/Budgeting
  • Litigation Support
  • Tax Services
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Financial Reporting